Our dresses

Let’s imagine
We are constantly looking for sources of inspiration. The inspiration can come from the fashion of the past, or come from the exploration of contemporary trends.
Our creativity shapes different elements to arrive at a concrete idea. From the imagined dress we move on to the design. There are many sketches and erasures before defining the final result.

We draw
We combine the wonders of creativity with a precise sartorial technique. It is a work of pure geometry and mathematics. The pattern is drawn for each dress.

The fabrics
We spend a lot of time looking for the right fabrics for our line. They must have unique characteristics in composition and wearability.
We go directly to the Italian production companies to recover the remnants. So we are able to produce clothes with an original design, produced with high quality fabrics and offered at an affordable price.

We sew
We cut and sew each dress by hand in our workshop in Turin. We test the fit and take care of the finishing. Comfort, style and versatility are the basis of each of our garments.

Ready-made clothes
Ours is a limited edition and artisanal production line. We almost always create unique pieces.
We make clothes that last over time: a MaFelicita garment can be worn for many seasons, wanting for a lifetime.